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How Labs are a Great Breed of Dogs

Do you know what the most popular dog breed in the USA is? Don’t worry if you don’t know about it yet. Labs are the most lovable dog breed due to many reasons. If you want to own a pet for the first time, bring Labrador home without any second thought. We’re not creating hype, and in fact, labs are friendly, helpful, and energetic. So, let’s find how labs are great dogs? 

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7 Reasons Why Labs Are Great Dogs

Believe me, these reasons are just glimpses of their personality. So, let’s start. 

1. They’re Intelligent

Labs are highly intelligent dog breeds; therefore, they’re easy to train. They don’t resist the training process. Labs are loyal, and they happily follow their owner’s cues. So, if you want to purchase or adopt an intelligent dog, then Labrador should be your first choice. 

2. They’re Children Friendly

Nowadays, it’s not easy to find kid-friendly dogs, but kids can find a great companion in labs. Labs are affectionate, friendly, and love to spend time with your little family members. You need to supervise your kids when they’re playing with labs. 

3. They Live Long

Most pet owners want their canine friends to live with them for years. The good news is labs can live a long and healthy life. But for this, you need to provide them plenty of exercises and a balanced diet. On average, they can remain part of your family for 12 years. 

4. They’re Easy to Groom

People don’t want to spend much on pet grooming. When you bring labs home, you don’t need to take them to the groomer often. However, occasional trips can keep labs in good shape. You can brush them weekly, and they’ll be in tip-top condition. Occasional bathing and weekly brushing can help you keep their coats in shape. 

5. They’re Helpful 

Many dog breeds act as service dogs. You can train labs to become therapy and rescue dogs. Moreover, labs have the outstanding searching ability. Finally, they can act as guide dogs for blind people. 

6. They Have Playful Personality

Another reason why they’re the most popular dog breed in America is their adventurous personality. They’re not afraid of new people, and in fact, they love to welcome them. They’re good at socializing. 

7. They’re Athletes 

If you already have pets at home or your neighbors have dogs, you can bring labs home because they love other dogs. They love to play with other pets, their owners, and kids. They’re good at sports like field trials, tracking, and rally. They can keep you engaged because they love to do fun activities. 

So, if you were confused about the best dog breeds, then your confusion must have been cleared now.  

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Pictures of my three labs.

-Bob Rout

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